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The Alzheimer Society of Montreal

The mission of the The Alzheimer Society of Montreal is to alleviate the personal and social consequences of Alzheimer’s disease and appartant illnesses by offering interventions, care, and support services that have a long-term positive impact.

The Alzheimer Society of Montreal wishes to build an engaged community to face the challenges associated with actual and future cognitive disorders.

The number of people with cognitive diseases will increase by 66% in the next 15 years and we must be able to meet the growing demand for quality services. Your donations will therefore help achieve this goal.

Since 2013, the Lachine and Pointe-Claire Half-Marathons have given more than $187 000 to the organism. With your help, we can go even further.

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Misson 100 Tonnes

Mission 1000 Tonnes is a Quebec organization that aims at removing 1000 tonnes of waste from the waterbodies of Quebec and the planet in order to improve their health. The cause also wishes to raise awareness among citizens and businesses about the protections and conservation of lakes, rivers and oceans.

Chore cleanings are frequently launched in Quebec and abroad to remove waste and plastic. To date, 94.3 tonnes have already been collected and over 450 cleanings have been completed, of which approximately 400 are in the province.

Your donations will contribute to help the organization increase their operation level in order to reach their objective. Your collects will also allow the organization to expand its mission worldwide and to deploy cleanings all around the globe, starting with Nicaragua. They will, of course, continue to take care of the precious Saint-Laurent River and other watercourses of QuΓ©bec.

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Montreal SPCA

The Montreal SPCA is a non-profit organization that relies on the generosity of its wonderful community to pursue its life-saving work. At the service of animals for over 150 years, the Montreal SPCA was the first animal-welfare organization in Canada. Today, the shelter is the largest animal protection organization in Quebec, speaking on behalf of animals wherever there is ignorance, cruelty, exploitation, or neglect. Visit spca.comΒ to learn more.

By supporting the Montreal SPCA during the Lachine Bonneville Half-Marathon, you can help alleviate the plight of animals and enable the organization to continue fulfilling its mission. Every contribution allows theMontreal SPCA to rescue and give care to abandoned or abused animals while also looking for a life-long family.

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