In order to thank our most loyal volunteers, we thought of establishing a fidelity program. The success of our event is solely possible with your help.

3 Consecutive Editions

A $50 gift card at the SAQ or at one of our participating restaurants.

5 Consecutive Editions

A $100 gift card at the SAQ or at one of our participating restaurants.

Join The Cause

You Are Important.

The Lachine Bonneville Half-Marathon involves more than 150 precious volunteers without whom the event would simply be impossible to achieve. We need dynamic, cheerful and dedicated people that are willing to help us create a wonderful event with a phenomenal atmosphere.

By volunteering to the Lachine Bonneville Half-Marathon, you will:

  • Be part of the team
  • Create new friendships
  • Contribute to the success of the event
  • Going home with a sense of pride

"Quel bel événement! Nous sommes très reconnaissants d'avoir pu contribuer. On se revoit l'année prochaine!"

Maggie and Chris


Join Our Team Of Volunteers

Be part of the team, we need dynamic, cheerful and dedicated people.

We Need You

These are the positions that are available.


Whether it’s with friends, colleagues or classmates, all occasions are good to volunteer with a group to the Lachine Bonneville Half-Marathon. Team Building and fun are guaranteed!

If you desire to volunteer as a group and ensure you are together during the event, please contact info@demimarathonlachine.com.

Avec Des Amis

Volunteer's Kit

By accepting to take part in the event, each volunteer receives a kit containing the following items:

  • A STAFF T-Shirt
  • Lunch and refreshers
  • The chance to win door prizes from our partners
  • The Volunteer’s guide including all directives and important information.

Join The Cause

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Trust And Worth

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